Canada PR Fee

canada pr visa fee

Last Updated On : April 13 , 2024

Visa Fees for Canada

The permanent or temporary residence visa payments are determined by the number of family members accompanying the lead applicant. They are independent of any payment made to an appropriate authority, such as an attorney. Please note that IRCC has the right to amend these costs. Most visa applications must include government processing costs mandated by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Updated PR Fee As on April 30, 2024

Canada PR Fee

Source: IRCC Notice about Canada PR Fee

Canada Visa Fees for Indian

Irrespective of your citizenship or place of origin, these costs remain the same. An Indian who is a lawful permanent citizenof the United States and holds a Green Card, on the other hand, will not need to apply for a visa but will need to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter the Canadian zone. You will be required to undergo a medical examination by a qualified panel of doctors. A medical test will set you back CAD 70. The biometric fees for a Canada visa are as follows:

  • $85 per person
  • $170 per household (of two or more persons).
  • $255 per group of three or more performing artists

Also, you must get a police clearance certificate (PCC) demonstrating that you have no criminal history. It’ll set you back CAD 10.

PR Visa Fees For Spouse & Dependent Child

Fees for Canada Applications $850 is the price of PR which will be $950 on or after April 30,2024. The fees for a supplemental application (which may be your spouses’) are the same i.e. $950 .

Fees were $230 for each dependent kid under the age of 22 and on and after 30th April 2024 it would be $260. Because of fluctuating currency rates, the cost of a Canada PR Visa in Indian rupees fluctuates.

Contact our experts with your requirements to acquire a current estimate of the real-time pricing for your PR Visa. You can also get the correct estimate depending on your personal needs. Suppose for 5 documents it is 250 CAD as Canada Embassy fees, but the price is meant to rely upon you.

Right of Permanent Residence Fees

PR applicants must pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) whenever their applications are granted. The RPRF must be paid before permanent residency status may be given. The Right of permanent residence fee was $515 which would be $575 on and after 30th April 2024.

All permanent residency candidates are subject to the RPRF, except for:

  • Protected Persons comprise Convention refugees;
  • And dependent children of a significant applicant or sponsors, a minor to be fostered, or an orphan brother, sister, niece, nephew, or grandchild.


Submit your Canada PR application before April 30th, 2024, to save on fees. The main application fee and Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF) will increase afterwards.

Remember, these fees are in Canadian dollars and fluctuate when converted to other currencies.


The Canada Visitor Visa fee is CAD$100 per person. You'll have to pay an extra CAD$85 if you have to submit biometrics. Therefore, the total cost of only applying for this visa is CAD$185
According to the current currency rate, a study permit in Canada costs CAD 150, roughly comparable to INR 12,000 (as reported on the CIC website). Please note that the currency rate fluctuates due to various economic factors.
The fees increase every 2 years to manage growing program and service delivery costs and to keep up with inflation.
$50. It is the cost you must pay to renew your PR card. A candidate relocating to Canada from another country should have an active PR card.