Immigrate To Canada From New Zealand

immigrate to canada from new zealand

Last Updated On : March 29 , 2024

With multiple immigration programs administered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the process of migration from New Zealand to Canada can be streamlined for eligible individuals.

Whether seeking temporary or permanent residency, various programs are available, catering to the needs of skilled workers from New Zealand. These pathways include popular options such as the Express Entry program and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), providing abundant opportunities in Canada.

For comprehensive guidance on navigating these avenues, Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting (PAIC) offers invaluable assistance to individuals aiming to make Canada their new home.

Steps To Apply For Canadian PR

Express Entry is the top choice for immigrating to Canada from New Zealand due to its swift processing times, typically ranging from 4 to 8 months.

STEP 1. Identify NOC code

To ascertain your National Occupation Classification (NOC) code for Canada, utilise the NOC 2021 system, which classifies jobs based on Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER). Follow these steps to find your NOC code:

  1. Identify the TEER category that aligns with your job based on your qualifications and duties.

  2. TEER
  1. Utilise the NOC 2021 tool on the website to locate your job title and corresponding NOC code.

  2. NOC 2021 tool
  1. Ensure that the main duties listed match your job responsibilities. If not, search for a different job title with duties that closely match yours.

  2. Main duties

For immigration via the Express Entry system, category-based draws target candidates who meet specific criteria, such as possessing work experience in a STEM occupation or falling within a particular TEER category. Skilled workers, particularly those in STEM fields, are highly valued and may benefit from category-based express entry draws.

STEP 2. Evaluate CRS Score

For New Zealanders aiming to move to Canada, achieving a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is key. To boost immigration points, applicants can focus on factors like age, work experience, language score which significantly impacts your ranking in express entry. 

Younger candidates typically earn more points, reflecting the age factor in CRS calculations. Staying updated on enhancing CRS scores and adjusting your profile accordingly is essential to improve your chances of successful immigration.

STEP 3. Select an immigration program

Our immigration experts have described the various immigration programs available for newcomers to Canada. Determining which program is most suitable for your profile can be confusing.

Express Entry (EE): Canadian government system for skilled worker permanent residence applications, covering Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, and Canadian Experience Class.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Allows provinces and territories to nominate immigrants interested in settling there, each with its own criteria.

Family Sponsorship: Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor family members for permanent residence, fostering family reunification.

Study Permit: Necessary for studying in Canada, granting foreign nationals access to Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) upon meeting requirements.

STEP 4. Create An Express Entry Profile

Creating an Express Entry profile is a crucial component of the Express Entry system, as it determines candidate eligibility. Once you create an Express Entry profile, you become eligible to enter the Express Entry pool.

STEP 5. Select a Canadian Province

Canada offers a range of cities known for their quality of life and attractions. The Enhanced Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) aligns with the federal Express Entry system, facilitating immigration. Here are some Canadian cities immigrants preferred:

Montreal: Known for its vigorous culture and European charm.

Vancouver: Famous for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation.

Toronto: Canada’s largest city, offering variation and a robust job market.

Winnipeg: Praised for its friendly community and affordability.

Each city provides a unique living experience, complementing Canada's varying cultural landscape.

STEP 6: Receive An ITA As A Last Step

Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is an initial step for migrants.

Held by IRCC, ITAs are issued based on CRS scores. Once received, you’ll then have 60 days to submit a comprehensive permanent residence application with all necessary documents.

STEP 7: Check Application Processing Time

Below is a brief summary of processing times for varying Canadian immigration programs:

Immigration Programs

Processing Time

Express Entry (EE)

Approx. 6 months

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

15-19 months (non-Express Entry Stream

Family Sponsorship

Approx. 12 months

Study Permit

Approx. 15 days

Please note that these times are estimates and may differ due to application volume and other factors. For the latest information, it’s advisable to consult official Immigration Consultancy (PAIC) for more latest updates.

STEP 8: Career opportunities in Canada After Immigration

Canada demand Jobs

For New Zealand citizens contemplating employment in Canada, the job market holds promising prospects due to the strong Canadian economy. Skilled immigrants, especially If you’re pursuing professional roles, are highly prestigious, with ample opportunities spanning diverse sectors. 

The Canadian government's inclusive approach towards skilled migrants, including individuals from New Zealand, fosters a vibrant job market that recognises and values diverse contributions to its continual growth and upgrading.


Canada offers promising prospects for New Zealanders seeking immigration, with Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting (PAIC) offering a robust job market, diverse immigration pathways, and welcoming communities ensuring a prosperous and fulfilling life abroad.


The amount of money required to immigrate to Canada from New Zealand varies points depending on factors such as the immigration program you’ll choose, your family size, and your individual contextual factors 

For example, applicants under the Express Entry program need to meet the settlement funds requirement, which ranges from CAD $12,960 to CAD $23,136 depending on family size. Additionally, you may need to financial plans for immigration fees, traveling expenses, and initial living costs upon arrival in Canada.

Yes, you can immigrate to Canada from New Zealand without a job offer through various immigration programs like Express Entry (EE), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), or Family Sponsorship.
It's important to choose a reputable immigration consultant with expertise in Canada immigration laws and procedures. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and consider factors such as experience, success rate, and customer service before selecting the best consultant for your Canada PR application from New Zealand.
Unfortunately, you cannot sponsor your grandparents from New Zealand to Canada. However, you may be able to sponsor other eligible family members such as your spouse, common-law partner, dependents on children, or parents.
Yes, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada, you can sponsor your family members from New Zealand to join you in Canada via the Family Sponsorship program.