How To Apply For Immigration To Canada From Lebanon

How to Apply for Immigration to Canada From Lebanon

Immigration To Canada From Lebanon

Immigration to Canada From Lebanon

Lebanon’s immigration to Canada began in 1882. Most immigrants started to arrive in Canada in search of enormous success in the New World.

The most significant influx of Lebanese immigrants to Canada occurred during the Civil War. Many Lebanese have come to Canada to escape the turmoil in their homeland.

Lebanon has recently seen a considerable rise in immigration to Canada. This is due to the financial crisis in Lebanon. Lebanon’s economic structure is crumbling, sending many citizens to Canada to restart their lives. So in this article, let’s understand just how and what necessary things you need to know to move to Canada from Lebanon.

How to Migrate To Canada from Lebanon?

The Express Entry program may be a viable alternative for talented workers seeking permanent residency in Canada. Several programs are available within the Express Entry category, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Immigrants may potentially qualify for a visa as an investor or entrepreneurs. Hiring an immigration lawyer from an agency like ours can help you determine your eligibility and which program is best for you.

An immigrant’s relative must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to be sponsored. Having a spouse, parent, grandparent, or kid in Canada may increase the odds of a successful immigration procedure. Please speak with our immigration specialists to discover more about your eligibility.

How to Apply for Immigration to Canada from Lebanon?

The first step is to check that you are eligible for one of these programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) for people who have never lived in Canada before, the FSWP is usually the best alternative.

You can go on to step two if you validate your Express Entry eligibility.

Step two comprises submitting your profile to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s website (IRCC). IRCC will assess your human capital attributes. This involves assessing your age, language skills, employment experience, and educational background. Other variables considered by IRCC include your Canadian expertise if you have a Canadian employment offer, and whether you live in a Canadian province or territory.

How Much Does It Cost To Immigrate To Canada From Lebanon?

Generally, an individual applicant would require around CAD 15,500 to arrive in Canada. Couples will need around CAD 21,000, while families with children need between $25,000 and $ 30,000. The chart below breaks down the estimated immigration expenses in great detail.

Immigration to Canada from Lebanon Requirements

  • Within the last 10 years, have a year of continuous full-time paid job experience or the corresponding part-time employment contracts in one of the 347 skilled jobs listed officially.
  • Within the National Occupational Classification system, the job experience must be classed as Skill Type 0 (Management Occupations), Skill Level A (Academic Occupations), or Skill Level B (Technical Professions and Skilled Trades). AND
  • Score enough points on the skilled worker point grid, which consists of six selection parameters. The current passing score is 67.
  • Obtain language assessment from a reputable third party and exhibit intermediate-level language abilities in English or French (the Canadian Language Benchmark is 7)
  • Have adequate settlement funds
  • Pass a security background check and a medical checkup.

Best Way to Immigrate To Canada From Lebanon

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the most common option for Lebanese citizens to seek skilled worker immigration to Canada.

The PNP enables Canada’s provinces and territories to recruit talented workers to fill job openings in their jurisdictions. If your application is approved and you match the PNP’s selection standards, the province or territory will provide you with a provincial nomination certificate. The province nomination certificate will support your permanent residency application to IRCC.

Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta manage the biggest PNP streams. Saskatchewan and Manitoba have significant PNP streams as well. If you wish to come to Canada via the PNP, the best option is to examine the different streams and apply directly to the province afterwards.

Family Immigration to Canada from Lebanon

If you want to bring your entire family to Canada from Lebanon, you must understand that if one of the parents or one spouse has gotten a visa, the rest of the family can join them. As a result, you may choose to submit two applications as a couple because you never realize who has a higher chance of getting the visa. A student visa is also easier to get than a work visa, but if one of the family members is successful, it may be possible to move the entire family to Canada.

A Canadian immigration specialist can assist you with this type of inventive solution. That’s why the most critical advice we can provide you is to seek the guidance of an immigration specialist.


Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end. Please visit our website for better guidance.

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