How to Move to Canada from Hong Kong : A Guide for Expats and Their Families

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Last Updated On : May 17 , 2024

What's Updated in the blog:

On May 7, 2024, IRCC announced updates to open work permits for PR candidates from Hong Kong in Canada. We have summarized the changes in this blog.

Canada is undoubtedly amongst the most favoured destinations for Hong Kong residents looking to explore study and employment opportunities overseas.

There are multiple pathways for Hong Kong residents to Canadian Immigration, including Skilled worker Express Entry, Skilled trade worker, having Canadian Experience, Provincial Nominee Program and other Business Immigration programs.

Three primary steps of Immigration to Canada are:

  1. Processing
  2. Documentation
  3. Application Submission

If you meet all of these requirements, you may be eligible to become a PR in Canada.

To become a qualified Express Entry candidate, you must have the required work experience, a superior CRS score, and a verified ECA report.

Step-1: Select an Immigration Program:

Depending on your Qualification and interest of any particular province in Canada, you can select any of the Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program.

Coming from a STEM occupation can increase your chances to score high in the express entry pool.

If you are interested in a particular Canadian province or have a job offer from a Canadian employer, apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.

Step-2: Check Express Entry Eligibility

To apply for Express Entry programs, submit your profile and meet the eligibility criteria. Your rating will be evaluated using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Checking eligibility criteria beforehand can save you money.

Step-3: Calculate Your CRS Score:

The most important factor in determining your eligibility is your education level; however, factors related to age, work experience, and language ability can also affect how many points you get.

Step-4: Receive an ITA:

You will receive an invitation to apply if you have enough points under the Express Entry system.

Step-5: Check Financial Requirement:

To immigrate to Canada, you must prove that you can establish yourself successfully in the country by having sufficient funds, working ability, and genuine intention to reside in Canada permanently.

Step-6: Immigration Medical Exam (IME)

Additionally, you may be required to pass a medical examination and a security check.

If you are confused by the above steps, you can contact our immigration expert, who will guide you through completing the application.

Move to Canada with A Relative:

Canada's sponsorship program is an excellent option if a relative lives in Canada. The Canadian government is currently experiencing a labour shortage and is looking to invite family members of employees working in Canada.

Moving to Canada with a spouse is a great opportunity, especially with the latest update from Immigration Minister Marc Miller. Most immigration programs have been affected, but the invitation for a spouse visa has increased.

Stay Informed on Immigration Updates

Canada Immigration Policy Update for Hong Kongers

For Hong Kong residents whose temporary work permits are expiring soon but their permanent residence applications are still pending, there's no need to worry. IRCC has announced a new public policy to support them.

In May 2024, eligible applicants will be granted open work permits while their permanent residence applications are processed. This will extend their legal status in Canada for five years. It's important to remember that it's your responsibility to maintain your temporary status while your application is being processed.

Canadian Work Experience Update:

In 2024, IRCC will no longer need post-secondary education as part of the Canadian work experience stream (Stream B). Because of this immigration update, a larger pool of Hong Kong residents with Canadian work experience can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Spouse Work Permit Update:

Recently, there was an update from immigration minister Marc Miller on the Spouse Work Permit.

This would allow qualified Hong Kong residents to join Canada's diversified workforce and contribute their talents and experiences.

Hong Kong Pathway Policy Updates:

IRCC made this policy for Hong Kongers to make the immigration process easy. PR programs for Hong Kongers with work experience or study in Canada will remain open until 2026. This immigration policy allows qualified individuals from Hong Kong to immigrate to Canada.

Support for Hong Kongers

The Yee Hong Organization has partnered with the University of Toronto and the Centre for Learning and Change in Canada and Hong Kong to provide educational activities for supporting newcomers.

Hong Kong Watch is one of these organisations that ensures Hong Kongers with the intention of settling in Canada permanently do not face any complexity.

The Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is accountable for the settlement support program. These non-profit organisations offer various resources and services to aid newcomers from Hong Kong in adjusting to life in Canada and accessing the opportunities available to them.


Yes, You can. Canada has a huge demand for healthcare workers in multiple provinces. Express Entry system has been updated with category based express entry draws where IRCC has defined Health occupation as a separate category. To get current vacancies information for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners  you can visit CTCMPAO and CIHR.
Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria. NOC 42202 (childhood educators) is an in-demand occupation in Canada. You can apply for either Home Child-Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot

Yes,Han Peng Dong (Chinese-Canadian politician) and Anna Victoria Wong (Executive Director at Community Family Services of Ontario) have shown their delightful thoughts at the recent press conference on Hong Kong Immigration Pathway held on 6th February 2023.